Most important skills for first time founders?

Aleksi Halsas
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What are the most important skills for first time founders, everyone striving to start their own Saas should try to acquire before starting their company? Personally I think for bootstrapping Saas, tech and sales are the by far most important things. Nether can be overlooked.


Johannes Karjula
1. The courage to approach the right customers, 2. the ability to pivot through adequate testing 3. an understanding of how a company’s finances work.
Pian Istien
The ability to delegate. You won't be able to do everything alone.
Grit, willingness and acceptance of many, many failures, mental fortitude, and willingness to do the extremely boring hard work over and over again
Lidia Vijga
Ability to persuade the right people to join you, and figure out how to get the best out of each team member. Also turning any weaknesses to your advantages is a big bonus.
Sini Katariina
Finding and exploring the product-market fit, different ways to achieve that, and being curious ad ready to take risks but trust to your own work and time!
Karl Hennings
I think it takes a lot of knowledge to make something of your own. I've never made anything before. I think it's best to hire a professional to make it for you in the best way. I'm trying to make Bulk SMS Software. It became an interesting challenge for me. I'm looking at the information on the website If I can't do it, I'll go to a specialist.