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good afternoon .. at the moment there is a need to create an online store, but the topic is complex and you don’t want to just give money and not get a result .. I would like to first monitor competition and so on .. maybe someone knows how to do this?


Phillip Stemann 🚀
Run a free report using - Find your competitors. Then set them up and check in on them once a week, maybe? 🙌
Julius Jenkins
One of the most important criteria for a successful online store is user interface and good design. Here is the company, which is engaged in web design and interface design.
First of all, I recommend optimizing the interface so that each part of it is intuitive. You can do this with icons. People get used to such icons denoting specific functionality. This can still be done with virtual tours that allow you to guide users.
To develop a website for a store, you need a very beautiful high-level design. This design will attract your customers and make it easier for them to shop for your products. So it's worth it.
mila hill
An online store can be created on one of the trading platforms that are very numerous on the Internet. With such a question, it is better to turn to Google, he will tell you who will do it and where. And there are many sites to choose from.
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