Money can buy UI but not UX.

Shrey Gupta
9 replies
What do you think guys?


Ruben Wolff
I would say it can, UX depends on things you have control of. Of course not everyone will have the same experience with a product, but if you test it you can understand what works and what doesn't
Shrey Gupta
Product Growth Manager
@rubenwolff True! We can build a beautiful UI by spending cost but UX is something that needs to be keep updating and enhance on the basis of what's users are liking & for their ease.
Chris Ashby
Founder @ We Are Heroes, product nerd
I would say it absolutely can, it just depends how much you want to spend :P Great UI is much easier to come by, and usually cheaper the less considered the UX needs to be. It all depends on the needs of the individual business. For certain businesses there are standards when it comes to heuristics and best practice (SaaS landing pages for example), for others (more innovative or startups creating new markets), often an entirely new type of UX needs to be defined and tested within that market. The more businesses pop up offering nocode tools for different elements of UX, the more UX will become democratised. Similar to the way UI already has through tools like templates, webflow, designjoy, etc. You only have to look to services like and a myriad other plug and play SaaS companies to see where the future of productised UX is going!
Shrey Gupta
Product Growth Manager
@chrisashby UX is finding all the information that is needed to build or design something and sort it so that everyone to easily understand it. UI is taking all that data and make sense out of it or Build something that people can easily understand or interact with. Using templates will not provide any uniqueness to UI, need to customize them in order to enhance their UX.
David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
You can definitely buy UX. It's just going to be expensive. Proper UX agencies will gather everything they can about your product and its purpose and design a flow that makes sense.
I'd say, as a digital designer & front-end dev, that I agree. There's an inflation of good UI.
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David Lee
Founder , ExGoogle Design
All the great UX in this world were bought one way or another.
mary lee
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