Microsoft Teams vs Slack: What Google Ads integration for collaboration apps does your team prefer?

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Hi everyone! Has your team been using Microsoft Teams or Slack to boost productivity, save time and improve internal communication? How often do you ask your bot for metrics? Clever Ads helps you automate your PPC campaigns and configure alerts so that you can track your Google Ads campaign performance. Our integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack makes the process of sharing your Google Ads metrics with your teammates easier. In both apps you will find a list of all the available commands and shortcuts to get metrics and graphs. Slack Notable Benefits: - You can take advantage of Slack App Directory dedicated to Marketing Apps and start using different apps to automate some of your day-to-day tasks. - Slack is structured in channels. Choose the right channel names so that team members immediately find the one they need to receive the right metrics. - Shared channels help you to communicate with your partners and clients and make sure everyone involved can have access to your external project metrics. - There is a Slackbot integrated in every workplace and ready to use commands. Microsoft Teams Notable Benefits: - If your company already works with Office 365, Microsoft Teams is your choice. There are more than 500 integrations available in the AppSource store. - You can also use WHO bot to obtain answers about your team. - MS Teams lets you organize your workspace in “Teams”. By using an app integrations, your Metrics, schedule reports, tips and graphs will be available directly in the selected chat. → Microsoft Teams integration for Google Ads: → Slack integration for Google Ads: Give us your feedback about the apps!
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