Makers, would you accept subscription fees in stablecoins such as DAI or USDC?

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Hello PH makers, It would be very helpful if you voted no or maybe to get a little more info in the comment section as to why. Thank you!


Archisman Das
Will I accept - yes. Will I prefer is a function of the benefits that needs to be uncovered though I can think of a few.
@archisman_das Two main benefits for accepting subscription fees in stablecoins: -Much lower fees than dealing with credit cards & payment gateways. -It's the easiest and cheapest way to own large amounts of crypto Some of the benefits for your business to own Crypto: -Non Custodial if using the right wallet (what I personally love the most) -Gaining access to DeFi’. Great for earning your business higher passive income on savings than your bank. -Payroll is way cheaper and faster, especially when it's cross border. -Automated and programmable transactions. (Smart Contracts) (There are however a few problems for businesses to accept crypto and potentially run and manage all their expenses on crypto which is a dream of mine especially for startups. Will create a new post on this later)