Makers with tools in the Collaboration space, are you looking for integration partners?

Jaskirat Singh
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Hey guys, As a founder with a tool in digital/remote/virtual collaboration space, you (and I) are trying to bring people together and offer them a solution to the challenges created by the virtual divide. However, we might be specializing in solving one specific need - for example - video conferencing, chat, project management, etc. But the users don't have just one problem, they have many, which is why all of our different solutions exist. In such a case, would it make sense for us to join forces, and perhaps look into offering cross-platform integration? Some examples could be * Users of platformA get some benefits of platformB * Users of platformA can use platformB (or some features) from within platformA * Users of platformA can use their data from platformB within platformA etc. You probably get the idea. If you guys (or someone you know) might be interested in exploring such possibilities with other products, I have created a form for an expression of interest. I will share the collected data with all participants so you can do your own matchmaking and connect with one another.


Sean Song
I'm always open to hardware customized ideas for remote collaborations. Zoom + Neat did well.