Makers, what would you rather do - if both these approaches were sustainable for you?

Rucha Joshi
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There's no right answer here of course. I am curious about why you would be drawn to one over another or something else entirely.
Create one great product and focus on expanding and improving it
Create many products as interesting opportunities keep coming by
Some other approach? tell me in the comments


Rushikesh Kavathekar
It also depends on the funding which you have. Also, technically and practically, You can't keep teams diversified to build much applications. It just makes it difficult to plan sprints and backlogs.
Rucha Joshi
Product Design + Research
@rushikesh_kavathekar That's right. Are you suggesting you might want to keep making new products if it was technically and practically possible over expanding a single one?
Kapil Gadhire
I would prefer creating a solid core team that creates a product passes it on to the new team, moves on to create another cool product.