Makers, how did your family react when you let them know you are going to be an entrepreneur ?

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I know there are lots of folks who are against the roller-coaster ride lifestyle of being a full-time entrepreneur. Was your family supportive when you let them know? How did you convince them ?


Anil Meena
Their first reaction was, why are you leaving your well-settled job. And honestly, it was expected, since everybody in my family is from a job background. But after some convincing, they were ok and became really supportive.
That's really nice of them @anil_meena21 . The initial reaction is understandable, but it is admirable that they were able to turn around and start being supportive.
Roberto Morais
It probably depends if your family is used to "risk" or not. But most people were educated to be an employee, myself included. So, in my case my family were never direct against it but even now that I am "successful" (under quotes because that is relative for each person) they still unconsciously imply that finding a proper job in a famous company is the way. Unfortunately this is the norm, a great article to understand that is the wait but way about Musk and mental models. I strongly recommend it:
Like you rightly said @robertomorais ,the family's 'comfort with risk' is an important differentiating aspect . From the outside, entrepreneurship often feels akin to gambling and I suppose people that care for us probably feel scared about the future. But, nice to know that you still stuck to it and came out successful Roberto.
Daniel Engels
My family was very cautious and rather skeptical when I left my job to start my first full-scale business. Interestingly, they were also against the option of selling this business some 5 years later.
πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ quite a roller-coaster of stances from them @daniel_engels , but I guess they were probably averse to you taking risks by changing the status quo in either case.
Rich Watson
Skeptical at first. Then when we launched and rolled out our membership plans and they heard of the number of subscribers we received in our first month, which was low but real good for the small reach we had, they believed the potential I see for what my team and I are building and doing.
That's often the first reaction of every entrepreneur's family. But, good that gradually they saw it your way and that you were able to endure and get ahead πŸ‘