Looking for some feedback on a new online product being launched

J Shmie
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Hi guys, just a quickie for anyone that may have some feedback it would be appreciated! We are about to get out of BETA on our new program, iListUGo that will be globally launched in the next 10 days. (Our new look and features will be introduced also) The program is geared to promote Local Businesses and Shop Local is the message. We have already engaged thousands of retailers over the last year, and glad to say we do have over 16,000 companies listed to date. Our main system is driven by Ai that gathers user habits & clicks to/from etc and it works to pair "shoppers" with merchants. The shoppers are rewarded with points for engaging with merchants (leaving reviews, asking/answering questions, redeeming exclusive coupons and RSVP for events). [points can be used at participating merchants for products, services, coupons, events etc] The merchants get QR codes for each of their locations as well as for their products & services. The key for the merchants, that sets us ahead of yelp or Trustpilot is the access to the real-time data that is able to drill down to a specific item AT a specific location. Smaller merchants can actually use our system for free, merchants with more than 1 location should take a Pro package that would integrate ALL locations into 1 control dashboard. *our primary "shopper" target market is 18-43 [62% of our visitors are 22-35] You can learn a bit more about us https://iListUGo.com/about?=ph any feedback will be welcomed! Thank you


Manish Rawat
the link is not working
J Shmie
@manish_rawat1 I just retested it, yes it works. We are getting few hundred beta users daily already.