Looking for new ideas

Barnes Edward
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Since I was a child, I have loved the toys he made with his own hands , and that hobby follows me to this day. I want to share my hobbies with everyone . I open a handmade shop , all are unique birthday gift ideas . I'm looking for more ideas for other handmade . Give me your ideas


Omkar aJagunde
Hi Barnes i had this idea in mind where we create miniature models/avatars of people so there is one sdk - avatar 3d sdk which takes a 2d face image and creates a 3d model out of it, then we take that model and put face model above a desired body type and using 3d printer we print it then we sell it to users its a good surprise gift for anyone having birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc the only problem in this i see is these api's are very expensive like 400 rs for 6000 results, the other thing is printing speed of any good printer is not very fast it takes atleast an hour to make one 10 cm model i do have ideas around it ping me up on insta - omkarajagunde