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Priyadharshan Kannappan
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Hello, I run an online edtech chess coaching company. We have about 12 coaches now, and the students pay for lessons in 1-hour duration in 10-15 hour packages. I am trying to figure out if there is a software/service that can help me track the class hours taken by the coaches(they are freelancers and not employees and get paid by the hour) We are currently using Google Sheets, where the coaches manually fill the hours, but I am looking for a tool where it will also send an update to the student that we are charging you for an hour when they update the class log. The google sheet method is ok for now, as we have 12 coaches, but when we have 45-50 coaches, it could lead to trust issues, and wrong data submission. I am looking for some advice!


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I'd recommend taking a look at the TMetric time tracker, it should meet your needs!
David Babins
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FYI, some of the following resources might give you a few ideas and options to consider... https://clockify.me/blog/apps-to... https://blog.capterra.com/best-f... https://www.timecamp.com/blog/20...