Looking for generous help before our first launch! :)

Subin Heo
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Hello PH, I'm a CEO of Pairy, a startup based in Seoul. My team is finally done with the MVP - a mobile application that helps you to save your time during college application. Just right before the launch, I feel anxious, honestly. Haha As an entrepreneur who is challenging to get into the market as an outsider (I've never experienced U.S. college admissions), I obsessively tried to be connected with my potential users for the past few months - I've done almost 100 interviews so far. However, before the launch, I realized I need to have different interviews from what I've done so far- Until now, I was trying hard to find customer - problem fit, asking students their painpoints, their current solution, and how they are satisfied with it. And now, I realized I have to find problem - solution fit, which means that I have to get a clear picture of how my solution well solves the problem of users and how I can improve the product. So the conclusion is - I really need your help! It will be great if you are a high school student at the moment or someone who recently experienced U.S. college admissions. However if not, it's also fine! Please provide your insight in IT products, user experience, design, and anything related to making a good mobile application. Any help would be deeply appreciated! If you are willing to offer a generous help, please contact to hello@pairy.me or leave your email in the comment! I will reach out as soon as possible. Thank you very much in advance and hope you have a lovely week!


Anupama Panchal
I can help. Please DM me on my Twitter to reach out. :)
I'm a recent University of California Student who still works directly with her high school. College apps def suck, especially when applying to so many. Will be letting people know where to contact you!
Subin Heo
@coco_alvarez Hey there!!! Thanks for the comment :) Please contact through my WhatsApp (+821094537197) or email (hello@pairy.me)! Looking forward to talking to you ^^