Looking for a user web platform (as a service) to accompany our mobile app

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We have a make/buy decision and frankly we're still wondering about the 'buy' options. We're building a mobile app that allows teams to collect image and data from job sites more efficiently and then share with their company. Are there SaaS tools for the web portal where for example user app data can be stored, content can be shared and backed up, teams can be formed and managed, etc. How do startups normally go about this to optimize for speed - are there any 'buy' options, ideally wheelable and SaaS? Or is this always a build? Grateful for any recommendations!


I'm not sure you can hire someone to take care of that aspect, but there are a lot of companies you can turn to. My business partner and I hired someone to manage our phone calls, emails, and messages on our app and social media. If you need any details, you can find out more at TMC . I'm not sure, but they may also have the options you need. You can count on them, we've been working with them since last February, and I couldn't be more pleased with their work.