Lifetime Deals - yay or nay?

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As a growth marketer, I have come across so many SaaS companies doing LTDs to acquire a user base for their new products. What do you think about doing lifetime deals? Is it worth it or not?


Fabian Maume
It has many pros and cos. LTD is mainly a way to raise funds, it won't help you much in terms of user base as LTD buyers have quite a specific mindset. I would recommend you to check out this article: LTD is quite interesting if you can do it on your own without passing by a platform like Appsumo, which will take a commission. A nice way to do so is to run LTD during your product hunt launch: I also recommend this article from indie hacker:
Ivan Ralic
I see LTDs as a new and improved Freemium model šŸ˜„ So Freemium with: āžœ Bigger commitment from user to actually use your product āžœ Better way to find the right users for you āžœ Additional revenue to help you grow Everything else is basically the same with Freemium, you add additional features to upsell and convert them to a subscription model šŸš€
Qudsia Ali
Lifetime deals make your life easier. They save you money, remove tedious accounting tasks, and provide you quick access to the tools you need to manage your business, which you would not have had access to if you had to pay for each item regularly.
Adnyesh Dalpati
Impulse purchase tactic, mostly lifetime deals makes no sense. SaaS products evolve. Those who give lifetime deals earn through support and updates so in short it is not lifetime deal but a purchase where you are lured into a product which looks awesome deal but is going to get obsolete soon