Let's talk Web3!

Zoe Marais
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What are you building on the blockchain and what have been the biggest obstacles associated?


Yuri Lisin
I personally dreamed big when I just explored the possibilities of web3, but once started to detail and decompose my ideas I always faced the constraints of my own expertise. Especially when it came to DeFi and Tokenimics. The good side is that people in web3 are very open to conversations and helping out, so that pretty much balances things out:)
Zoe Marais
@yuryfication The support from the entire web3 community really surpasses almost any other space, one of my favorite aspects of crypto!
Ezzat Suhaime
Really awkward, difficult to read, unfinished documentation. There are so many new blockchain companies and technologies coming out. Using the shiniest new tools is hard to do which then stunts growth/adoption of the technologies.
Zoe Marais
@ezzat What are some of your 'must haves' for a better dev experience when working in web3?
Ezzat Suhaime
@zoe_marais Transparency in what the web3 tech does. It’s really frustrating to hear a lot of promises in cool web3 products when in reality it’s just vaporware.
Joseph Kopp
Very good community atmosphere Everyone is contributing and believes that web 3.0 is the future
Ajeir Cunningham
I am currently working on a student loan system to show web 3 superiority over my country's ( Jamaica ) current national system.
Vlad Goncharov
It's not as hard as it might be, and it opens great opportunities for you. I have a project, indigos.app not much ago it launched and I continue working on it. For me, it's a tremendous (I mean web3), and I am very excited about it
There are several Web3 cloud computing projects I know about. Data security is an obvious concern with all such platforms. The problem can be solved with confidential computing (protecting data in use), but it's a relatively new tech and not the easiest to implement. I know Super Protocol works in this direction. Maybe someone else, but not many teams, for sure. SP, by the way, launched a public testnet with several Python solutions. If you're interested in Web3 or clouds, you should probably try it out https://superprotocol.typeform.c...