Let's get to know new products. What new product are you creating or have?

Yenire leal
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Let's support new products. We know that it is not an easy task to show a product proposal and have it accepted by the market. Tell us about your product and what problem it solves.


Ricardo Turpin
Launching today! Meet Ourly, the easiest (and fastest!) meeting scheduler. Enjoy unlimited active events and event types, add to your chatbots or forms for maximum conversion, and experience contactless networking with your own virtual business card. 50+ languages! Check it out and give us your feedback =) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Amartya Bhargava
Hey Yeanie, We have been working on an AI-powered JD generator that could help build JD for sales, marketing, product, project, strategy, customer success, and many other roles in just seconds at zero cost. Our Job Description generator helps you to create consistent job descriptions that attract candidates that best match your job role. We have analyzed 1000+ job descriptions vetted by HR experts, from top-tier enterprises and distilled everything in our AI-powered JD generator. Make your best job description in just a few clicks and hire the top 10% of talent. Try it out here and use it to create JDs for your business hires : https://hirequotient.com/jdgener... Would love your feedback as well.
Chris Sarca
We're working on Expressive Suite, a suite of cross-platform apps made for an easier way to create 2D motion graphics and vector graphics. For now, we're focusing on Expressive Animator and Expressive Canvas. Expressive Animator is designed to be the best web app when it comes to 2D motion graphics, with a variety of export options like animated Lottie, animated SVG, APNG, WebM video etc. As for Expressive Canvas, its purpose is vector graphics, from creating to editing. We're preparing to make them available in Q3 this year. If you want to test an old version of Expressive Animator, you can do it here: https://www.expressivesuite.com/... The updated version will have a much better UI and many other missing features, keep that in mind when you're testing it. Thank you!
Yenire leal
@chris_sarca Oh, great. I will start using it and give you my feedback. Did you have the launch in product hunt? How was the receptivity?
Chris Sarca
@yenire_leal Not yet, we are working on both of them to be released in Q3 this year. Any feedback would be great, even though I know there are many missing features in this early version.
Sandra Djajic
Hey Yenire! We've been working on tira.so. It's a workspace with chat, task & project management, and a calendar all in one place. Tira is pretty much like if Slack, Trello, Notion, and Calendly all came together to make a baby. We also have a cool feature where you can drag and drop a task to any chat to instantly discuss it with your team. Tira solves the issue of having to subscribe to multiple platforms to get work done. We've taken all the needed features and combined them to reduce users' costs and time.
Raphael S.
Hey Yenire, I just released my first product, Unite, today! Unite is a web extension for quick and easy access to common actions. Using this command bar, you can quickly access your most common tasks. Controlling your tabs can all be done here without even needing to use your mouse. You can also use the command bar to quickly access your most commonly used apps such as Youtube, Dribble, and more. The app also provides quick commands such as clearing your tabs, muting, and even opening the chrome:// pages. You can find more information about it here. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Yenire leal
@raf_underscore Cool. I hope you have a good response to the launch. Remember that the most important thing is to get the feedback to iterate quickly.
Lucian Tartea
My product saves developers time when creating landing pages for their projects. It's a package of 50 HTML landing page templates available on https://htmlrev.com Thank you for the opportunity Yenire
Qudsia Ali
Bravo is a tool created to help HR managers with employee recognition, rewards, engagement, surveys, customer ratings, etc., so that none of your team members miss their due recognition. Our Upcoming Page: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Yenire leal
@qudsia_ali Sounds great. It can be very useful for startups, for their purpose of going fast, they forget about the employees who struggle to make the product work.
Maya Ben Zid
We are launching a major update to oVice (https://ovice.in/) in about 10 days. We have redesigned the UI of our platform to make it even more intuitive to use. It's a virtual office platform that makes connecting with remote teammates seamless and fun like you are in the office. It helps managers quickly reach their teams and gives teammates room or chatting and having fun. oVice removes physical barriers for teams but helps them stay connected and keep a strong culture. We offer easy to use 2D spaces, customized layouts, one-click audio and video calls, and multiple floors for housing your entire team in one space.
My first product is a quick defrost product, which defrosts food in 10 minutes and is still in production
Yenire leal
@w_w6 I think it's a good proposal. I have used microwaves to defrost my products and I really don't like that it changes the texture of the food, I feel that eliminates all the nutrients. I hope you have good reception of the product.
Varun Kodnani
Creating a SaaS product that helps individuals achieve deep work using our uniquely automated time management tools - Flowace.
Emily Jackson
Our team launched VanceAI ( https://vanceai.com/ ) a few months ago. It’s a powerful AI image enhancement tool for all image problems. It has basic editing features and can also remove the background and enhance details. By the way, it offers new register free credits. Please feel free to have a try!
Yenire leal
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