Let's create a fun polls feature for our website πŸ“ŠπŸ§΅ | Build in Public

Tanmay M
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We will be creating a fun polls feature for our website 1/5 Let's get started with some basic HTML setup Here I just created an h1 tag and changed its width whenever someone clicks on yes or no according to the total votes 2/5 Now we have our basic HTML setups, Now it's time to make it functional. I have not used any database for storing votes, I have used a really simple solution for it which is using an API πŸ˜ƒ, http://countapi.xyz 3/5 Now we have our backend ready, We can make it beautiful now 😌 Here's the quick design I made in @figma, I really wanted to make it as minimal as possible, so it doesn’t take much space and looks good. 4/5 It's time to add some spice 🌢 Let's add some cool transition effect whenever we click the button 4.5/5 I have also made it dynamic according to dark or light mode, which really looks good. Personally, I really like the dark mode, what about you? 🧐 5/5 And... We have finally finished this cool feature, You can try this live on https://flipclock.tk right now. Was this series fun? Do let me know your opinion below πŸ‘‡, So that I can do more of these.