Lesson I learned myself and from others launching a product

Maks Raiz
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Hey! It's been two months since I launched Growth Hacking Kit https://www.producthunt.com/prod... and became #4 of the day so I wanna share with you some lessons I learned. #1.๐Ÿ’ผ Product hunt is for B2B services. I talked to a lot of people and came to conclusion that B2C products can get lots of upvotes too but if you want to get sales on PH you should launch B2B products #2.โฐ Launch right after the front page refresh (12:01 am) By 4 am top five products already have a least 60 upvotes and get top becomes hard. #3.๐Ÿ‘ฅ Matters not only number of upvotes but their weight and number of comments From I observed PH algorithms may rank higher products with bigger number of comments and upvoted by reputable people (with lots of followers or hunters) #4.โ›” Even if you gained lots of upvotes in "Newest" section you may be not eligble for featuring on the front page. Some categories don't get featured on main page like notion templates or new version of products without significant update after previous launch. #5.๐Ÿ“… Monday to Thursday are best if you have your community which can back up your lauch if not it's better to launch on Friday or weekends. Big hunters usually launch their products from Monday to Thursday and it's usually hard to get in top 5 these days. Hope this helps you! What are lessons you learned from your launch?


Definitely helpful for me at least. I just launched last week so thank you for these great insights.
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
Your observations will be very helpful to us as we get ready to launch our new product. We had to postpone our launch twice already, but now we are planning to go ahead with it during the first week of next month.
tv axn
Informatic That's Good: I launch my own blogging website: https://apkseagle.com/azar-mod-apk/
Qudsia Ali
I want to add that schedule the product for launch this way; you will not have to worry about launching on time. And if someone is new on PH, it's better to launch with a hunter.
francesco langner
That's great. I was impressed by your writing. I am happy to see such a topic. Myherbalife
Louis Castรฉrot
Thanks Max :) just launched this morning. I'll know for next time :)
It's really helpful. Thanks for sharing :-)