Lesson as a startup founder

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What is that ONE lesson you have learnt as a startup founder during your initial stage that you wish someone would have let you know about!


Sergio Zaciu
Everything will take longer than you ever predict, but if you stick with it the result will also be better than you ever expected.
@szaciu that's such an amazing advice!
Learn to walk before you run, everything will come in time.
@jennifer00 perfectly summarised!
John Michael
Things are not as simple as it seems. No matter how well you pre-plan, you will face unexpected challenges every other day.
@john_michael123 learning the hard way indeed.
Qudsia Ali
Be ready to make sacrifices and plan what to do if everything you've worked for comes crashing down. Remember why you started, when to give up, even when things are going great. Sometimes setbacks can be the greatest thing that ever happened to you.
@qudsia_ali getting not drained down by negatives always has to be a point to remember I agree!
Ludovico Petrali
Be ready to orginze your day in order to be productive but also not stressed....none will tell you what to do, prioritize and find your balance
@ludovico_petrali searching for the right balance! thank you for your advice.
Ezzat Suhaime
Go out an build connections: with partners, customers, anyone. It’ll serve you in the long run.
Tim Fern
Listen far more then you speak.