Launching mistakes

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Hello, hunters! Could you, please, share your own experience, what mistakes did you make when launching your product? And how to avoid them?


With my old startup the thing I did was focus on the money rather than the community. It would've come anyway if I'd been more patient but I wasn't - so I missed out on having something that was sustainable...
Two things :) 1. Always submit a complete post. Complete means that the mandatory fields are filled up. 2. Make sure to schedule the post at 12:01 AM of the launch day so that you can get maximum exposure and opportunity to engage with the community :)
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@adityavsc the 12:01 is a good tip thanks!
Amit Kukreja
@adityavsc is it bad to launch at 9AM est if most of your community is on EST time? or do you recommend launching at 12AM pst regardless?
@amit_kukreja I'd still recommend launching at 12AM so that your product can get feedback from other parts of the world as well :)
Raitis Velps
Timing. Launched campaign and couple of hours later it changed the day. Instant fail :D
Jan Forsthuber
We really engaged our local startup and marketing community for today's launch and received unexpectedly amazing support but unfortunately, their accounts are pretty fresh and PH doesn't give much weight to them I guess. So even though we're leading in upvotes and comments, we're placed second right now.
Ann J. Buxton
Your kind words warmed my heart. MyBalanceNow
Ira GI
I believe that it is a big mistake to expect high results in a short time.
@ira_gi yes, you are right! Of course, preparation should be appropriate. But in PH everything is so fast and you have only one day to gain upvotes for you products!
Rucha Joshi
Launching on PH today. So will let you know of my experience (:
Viacheslav Derzhaev
@rucha_joshi8 Good luck with your launch! Great idea! I was working in management consulting for a while, and once the WFH started, partners decided to add some 'fun' to our weekly team discussions. So our analysts had to organize quizzes and other fun activities on top of their usual workload. Needles to say, they hated it after a few weeks. Therefore, the most 'fun' they had was when we abandoned the 'fun' part of our weekly meetings)
Justin McLeod
Launching without a waitlist 🥴 Which is why I created The Day 100 List: