Launched mental health gaming app, would love feedback

Stanislav Kirdey
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Hey folks, I've launched Vortle. It started as a personal project that could help me navigate panic attacks and fight-or-flight episodes. I work in ML full-time and used some of the ML in unusual way in the games to make them a little easier and more enjoyable to play. Since last release, Vortle was pinned in r/traumatoolbox (14,000 people) subreddit as a core tool for trauma survivors. At the same time, people who need a quick productive break during the day also enjoy the games, like between meetings or when they have a free minute. I would love love love to get more feedback - the app is in all the app stores, free-to-play and there is no login or registration.


Qudsia Ali
Whoa! You have got your hands on a product that can go a long way! Way to go!
Stanislav Kirdey
@qudsia_ali thank you! would love to get your feedback if you find an app like that useful in your day to day
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