Launched DreamzAR App - DIY Landscape Design with Augmented Reality

Akhilesh Joshi
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I'm very excited to launch my first App "DreamzAR - DIY Landscape Design with Augmented Reality" - for iOS devices. I would really appreciate it you all could try it, review it, and provide valuable feedback. ------------------------------- What is DreamzAR App About? ------------------------------- Imagine, taking out your smartphone or an iPad, walking around in the yard, designing a new look (maybe a new picket fence, pollinator-friendly or drought-friendly garden, or a cozy paved patio, garden pathways, a pergola or an arbor, etc). With a few taps, you have it there, in front of you, the rendering of the landscape exactly as you dreamed. DreamzAR App puts together Augmented Reality, 3D Models of plants and garden features, high-quality textures enabling you to create a landscape design unique to your taste. As you create it, you can interact with the new design in real-time. Augmented Reality feels nothing short of magic! ------------------------------- Additional information. Here is a detailed blog I wrote about why I created DreamzAR app.
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