Launch day checklist- what do you think?

Martina Hackbartt
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Hey! My team and I launched ReSkript today! It's 4 am here in Buenos Aires, but I'm well prepared for the launch! I've got some water, fruit, and will most likely grab some coffee in a while๐Ÿ˜‚ Here's the checklist I've made myself for today: - Send a 1st ship update announcing the launch - Reach out to our amazing network - Post content on social media - Add the PH badge on our website - Send a 2nd ship update reminding our launch - Monitoring the launch and replying to all comments on the product post -Participate in discussions and let people know we launched Do you think I'm missing anything? I have a pretty long day today, but I'm beyond excited :)


Hey Martina! excited to see the launch. Your checklist is solid! If it sounds like a good idea, you can go live on any social handle that you prefer and talk about the launch. Usually helps to connect with the audience so that you can quickly drive them towards the call to action. Small live sessions (15 mins x 3) should work. LinkedIn might be a good choice since most of the folks have a PH account. You can share the product, its propositions, do Q&A and a hell lot. This content will always be on your social handles :)
Benjamin Lucas
Don't forget the LinkedIn community
Paul VanZandt
Looks similar to mine - wishing you all the best for the launch.
Dylan Merideth
Lets GO! This is so exciting. Good luck! Your list looks pretty comprehensive, only thing I would do is take a few moments for gratitude and sunlight if you have the opportunity
Martina Hackbartt
@dylan_merideth Well, definitely missed the sunlight part, haha! But I had some gratitude time, though :) thanks!
Falak, serial launcher (w/ several top product of the day) just created a collection of resources for PH on nawvel! we just launched on PH and the resource library is free to access. :D
Martina Hackbartt
@shivam_jha3 Oh, too bad I saw it so late. Wishing you the best of luck for today! Share the link to your product with us so we can support :)
@martina_hackbartt you're too kind! this is us would love your feedback, we have much to improve.
Kateryna Manokha
Wow. I just saw this product! How you have made a rotating icon?)))
Peter Chudakov
@kateryna_manokha @martina_hackbartt sure! Actually quite easy, we used the svg to Lottie converter, it lets you choose different types of animation. Here's the link Hope you find it useful!
Kateryna Manokha
@martina_hackbartt @slowpokepeter we did it! Launched our product with animated icon. Thanks for idea ๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ˜Š
Maya Ben Zid
Looks good to me. I'd add a couple of points: 1) Use Reddit/Slack/Discord communities, they will give your launch extra traction. 2) Invest in sponsored posts in top media outlets to get more visibility - it's worth it for all the effort you put in prior to the launch.
Ben Bohbot
Hey! We also launch today, you are welcome to take inspiration from our campaign
Bravo! Well structured plan! ^__^ I wish you luck, and success, and enjoy the process! <3