Last few days till we launch! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

ankita singh
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Drop your suggestions, for list of quick things to check before we hit the launch button.


Maciej Cupial
How did you prepare?
ankita singh
@maciej_cupial We did a thorough testing for the product. We also used social media to spread a word about the product. We are ready with all the things that we need to launch on PH.
Here are 2 pieces of advice: 1. Engage on Twitter, DM people, and retweet people in advance and get your account active before the launch. We noticed that lots of traffic actually came from our Twitter presence during PH launch. 2. While you can aim for top 5, don't feel too much pressure from it. It's amazing if you get up there, but the expectation sometimes takes away from the excitement of this experience. You'll have the chance to launch again... and again... and again, so no sweat if it doesn't go the way you might expect it to.
ankita singh
@maxine_buchert Thank you for that advice Its tough to stay free but yes trying to learn in the whole process. Also thank you for the twitter advice, I have started engaging 10X than before
Utsav Shah
@maxine_buchert Hi, Can you share a message format you used to dm them on twitter?
Hemant Warier
We did a lot of activity before we launched. We had been preparing for almost a month. A few tips I would like to share - 1) Post across all your social media channels on the launch day and even if you are on other communities like Indie Hackers, Reddit, Startup School, etc. 2) Reach out to people in different Slack communities before the launch & even on the launch day. 3) Organise all the people you have been talking to about your launch in one single sheet. So that on D-day, it will be easier to inform them. 4) Create an upcoming page for people to subscribe to you before your launch, but if you're less than 1 week to launch - it won't as useful now. This was our upcoming page - 5) Find a hunter, it really helps. Though we didn't have one and we were still the #10 product of the day and managed to get around 100 upvotes. But the right hunter can help you even more. 6) Create your launch page & schedule it 2 days before launch. So you can revisit and make changes easily if required. 7) Schedule the launch for 12:01 AM PST or 1:31 PM IST. 8) Don't stress much, and just enjoy the rush.
Anastasiia Holiachenko 🇺🇦
@hemantwarier Hi! We are going to launch our product in the end of March. Thank you for such a good list with tips!
Hemant Warier
@anastasiia_holiachenko If you create an upcoming page for your product like we did, please do share. Wish you all the best for your launch. 🙂
Anastasiia Holiachenko 🇺🇦
@hemantwarier We are working on it these days. I will share it when we finish it :) Thank you!
ankita singh
@hemantwarier That was a complete checklist Thank you so much, while we have already done some of it and now on the others
Fabian Maume
Product Wars might be useful on the day of the launch. Good luck with the launch.
ankita singh
@complyant Hahaha thank you to remind me to breathe I was already so stressed but things are goin smooth now, we almost have everything now
Tsz Hoi Lee
Launching soon!
Drink more water, it will go well. Good luck!
I'll be in launching in a few weeks, so I don't have any advice to give, but thanks for this discussion that gathers some great advices 👍 Good luck with the launch!
ankita singh
@jontravens We have launched today We need that luck now, do check us out -
Liana Karapetyan
@jontravens @jontravens I have put together a guide for launching on Product Hunt. Happy to help with more insider tips if you want. I have guided lots of Product Hunt launches, had 10+ N1 products of the day and 3 Golden Kitty awards.
Hussain Effendi
Launch Day is always something that makes the tummy turn upside down. Here's one of my favorite blogs that gave me some ideas: Although I am still away from the launch; am always gathering valuable resources. Hope this helps.
saif khan
@ankita_singh14 My 2 cents would be to Engage with as many hunters as you can and drop your upcoming landing page so we all can keep an eye and wish you all the best for your launch :)
Emma Foster
waiting of you launch wishing you best of luck on your day
Satyendra Sahani
Did you set all your KPIs to measure?
ankita singh
@satyendra_sahani Yes we did We prepared a dashboard to track it We launched today, i will soon be sharing my learning Till then check us out-
Piotr Pawłowski
What will it be? Let me know - always happy to share a comment/opinion on your launch page!
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Liana Karapetyan
I have put together a guide for launching on Product Hunt. Happy to help if you want: