KPIs for Product Hunt Launch & Benchmarks

Johannes Pittgens
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Hey there, We're looking to launch within the next few months and currently we set our goals for the launch. What are the most important KPIs that you would recommend for a SaaS data analytics platform? And do you have any benchmarks for those? Thanks, Johannes


Fabian Maume
I think that number of upvotes and comments does not matter much. You should care about your rank. https://productwars.phantombuste... is a good tool to monitor it. Numbers of sign-up and conversion rate, are the most important KPI to track in my opinion. It is also good to track retention. Set a reminder in your calendar in 1 or 2 months to check if the producthunt cohort is still there. You can adapt KPI to your use case. For my own launch, the main KPI was to sell 50 lifetime deals, so it is the main metrics we tracked: I would also advise you to have some qualitative goals in mind: - Get user feedbacks for the product management team - Get some user testimonials to have social proof.
Piotr Pawłowski
@fabian_maume thanks for this advice. Very helpful.
@fabian_maume Thanks for the advices! Launching soon, so I'll keep that it mind!