Just launched PingMi πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Sergei Petrov
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This is my first project on Producthunt and the first seconds after launch. I am overwhelmed with emotions inside, but as a typical developer, I do not know how to express them. I hope that with PingMi developers will have much less unnecessary meetings and more time to develop. Guys, write what you think about our product. Is it clear what we are doing and why?


Stas Voronov
Wow, we're on 4th place!
Kate Rusalovich
How do you feel after the first hour after launch? 🌝
Anne Robertson
Congrats! Would love to check it out. We are still planning to launch ours so any tips help!
Sneha Saigal
@anne_robertson happy to help when you launch, Anne! https://producters.notion.site/p... I haven't launched on PH ever, but thought this list might help you!
Anne Robertson
@sneha_saigal Thanks so much for the comment and sharing tips! Let's connect!
Sergei Petrov
@anne_robertson Thank you, ask any questions, I will gladly try to answer everything. The details of your project are also interesting.
Sneha Saigal
Wow, Sergei! Congrats. The thrill of launching must be amazing! Are you going to write a blog about the whole experience?
Sergei Petrov
@sneha_saigal Thank you! We are definitely going to describe to do a retrospective and describe our journey! I think we'll mark it up on our blog site as well - https://www.ping-mi.com/blog
Edun Kerry
Congrats on the launch manπŸ’―πŸŽŠ
Sergei Petrov
@edun_kerry Thanks bro! πŸ™ What do you think about our product?
Ethan Smith
What is PingMi sir. Please tell me in full detail. https://infotechsujit.com/
Sergei Petrov
@ethan_smith12 hi Ethan. Nice to meet you. Please check info on our site https://www.ping-mi.com/ and give a feedback. If it will not clear, I will glad to answer any questions!
Vasileios Karvelis
Congratulations Sergei! Best of luck with your product!
Software Guy (Aarvy)
Hi, congratulations on your product launch. If you want me to review your product, ping me- thesoftwareguy1994 at gmail.com