Just joined Product Hunt! : ) How to get around here?

Hey guys! I just joined Product Hunt. I know that this is a great platform to introduce new products to a huge audience and community, but do you also use it for networking and source of information in the industry? How to get around through all the news and updates? Would be grateful to connect. Cheers, Jane.


Luka Vasic
Go to the community tab and engage with other people's posts. Find ones that sound interesting and contribute to the conversation. Ask ask ask, always be asking questions, something like this one :). Network with people, review their products... Slow and steady. Hope to see you around :)
Paul VanZandt
Hey Jane, welcome to the community! I'd suggest taking your time to interact as much as possible in the discussions and with interesting products. This is the core value of PH and the best way to explore the tool! If you're interested, we just launched today and would love your support: www.producthunt.com/posts/fresco-3
Jane Evseeva πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
@paul_vanzandt Hey Paul, thanks for the advice. I have upvoted Fresco and left my comment in the discussion. And followed you btw. Cheers!
Peter agar
Build a network. Be a part of the community. Read the stories people share. Show your support with the products you like.