Job Switches - How do you approach them and what are the steps that you take to land that dream role

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Daniel Leal
So hard, I used to apply like crazy and whatever comes my way I'll take it. I found it was not optimal haha. At this point I try to align my personal vision with the companies I apply to, culture and roles. Do I want more time ti spend riding my bike? Then I can't work at a job that needs me there the whole day in the office. Ask yourself questions that make sense in terms of what you want in your everyday and in the long term.
Mark Leva
Hello, do not forget to change your resume when changing jobs. After all, it should always be fresh and well made. Therefore, so that you don’t make a mistake, I can advise you a good site that will make you an excellent resume in a matter of seconds: once it helped me a lot and I will recommend it to you
Kirk Weber
Using a resume example ( can be helpful in a number of ways. It can help you decide on a format, highlight key information, and prove that you are capable of producing a winning document. A resume example can also serve as a reference to guide you through the writing process.