🀩 Its Monday ! Share your To-dos/plans/priorities anything you want to turn to reality this week ?

Arun Pariyar
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β˜•οΈ Lets have a fantastic week ahead ✌️


Saif Ullah Khalid
We are planning to have a one-day trip at weekend. Let's hope everything goes fine.
Anton Moukhin
@saif_ullah_khalid Cool, wish our team will have also!
Tobias GΓΆrtz
Rumor says that SetOps (https://www.setops.co/) is launching this week πŸ‘€ 🀫
Qudsia Ali
@tobias_goertz Lols, good one. Good luck with the launch if the rumors are true.
Qudsia Ali
Well, I have a lot of personal plans for this week. I plan to invest in stocks and a new phone. I have to figure out the companies I want to invest in and the phone I buy.
Arun Pariyar
The world will be at your finger tips @qudsia_ali 😊, joke aside, i can image it is will be a quite a research as you will have to be far-sighted to find the perfect match, wish you all the best and have fun :)
Misha Krunic
Quite some personal plans, but regarding my latest project - https://botmenot.com/ - I'm planning to finalize the strategy for my Newsletter campaign and do some more development work!
Ankita kaudare
Well, plan for this week is invest, have fun and make a plan.
Julia Demyanchuk
I am planning to finish our preparations for the second launch on Product Hunt with https://www.producthunt.com/prod...!
Arun Pariyar
Wrapping up myself here as well @julia_demyanchuk , big day tomorrow for me and my team. When are you launching ?
Julia Demyanchuk
@arunpariyar @jennifer_guerra Thank you! It will be cool if you can "follow for updates" our product not to miss our next launch (LeaksID, unfortunately, I can't add the link). I will appreciate your support!
Arun Pariyar
Done! @jennifer_guerra @julia_demyanchuk. We are launching tomorrow would be great to have your support as well  πŸ™
Jennifer Guerra
@julia_demyanchuk Hey Julia, we just launched today and it would be great to have your support πŸ™ I can't post the link here but our product is called Tresl Segments
Daniel Engels
review feedback from the first beta-testers of a new function!
Nothing extraordinary, but I want to finish reading No Rules Rules about the culture of Netflix. I just recently finally found time for it.
@arunpariyar Well, the history of corporate culture in Netflix is so exciting that sometimes it even scares)) But it's really fascinating) I am not a big fan of business literature, but I recommend this book to absolutely everyone and in any field of business))
Anton Moukhin
I am planning to start improving my Spanish this week. Tutor is found, materials re ready, where to find time?(
Arun Pariyar
Hey @anton_moukhin, why don't you try time slotting, take a chunk of time 1 hour and just commit to it. This can be extremely effective πŸ‘
Frankie Xu
Getting more beta users for our zoom app! https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps... And collecting user zoom recording preference through typeform https://gx24mxyt88v.typeform.com...
Arun Pariyar
Hey @frankie_xu1 ! I'm busy the next few day but happy to till out your survey after that, all the best πŸ‘
Dani Luu
Launching my first product on Product Hunt in 2 days! So all my week has been dedicated to preparing our launch page. Tomorrow is also my birthday πŸ˜πŸŽ‚
Andrew Glenn
Crazy busy week. - A conference on emerging science & tech as it applies to a niche in the aerospace & defense industries. - A medical appointment - A pitch that will lead to a rapid prototyping effort - Some networking efforts - Bday party for kids' friends - A local festival - Making time for the gym Whew! So much to do. Let's go!
Ava Isabella
I use it for personal tasks. It helps me keep track of what I've done and what I'm going to do next for work. Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair
Avi 🀝
We had planned to launch VenEx to this community, and we did. Check us out and share your valuable feedback!
Rinat Khat
We are launching on ProductHunt next Monday (in upcoming now on my page)! This week is an excellent time to prepare.