It's officially launch day 🚀 🥳 How do you cope?

Paul VanZandt
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We're extremely excited to have finally launched on Product Hunt! It's been quite the journey and we're excited to see where it takes us. You can check out our page here: When you have a big day, like a product launch, how do you cope and what do you do to make sure it goes well?


Well done again! For my part on D-Day it goes so fast that I am more in the reaction, and this, despite my plans
Paul VanZandt
@fares_aktouf Thanks again for showing your support!
Cherie Yang
Congratulations! Supported 👍
Paul VanZandt
@cherieyang Thanks Cherie, it means a lot!
Rachel Cossar
Congrats Paul - this is a big deal!!!! As a former performer, I have many techniques to help stay focused and not distracted when things either don't go as well, or go even better, than expected. Either way, you need to stay present, in the moment, responding to things as they come and not getting ahead of yourself:) Excited to follow your progress! We are looking to do a Product Hunt launch soon as well...
Paul VanZandt
@rachelonpointe Thanks Rachel, I appreciate the calming presence. Taking it one step at a time!