It's Monday!🤩 Mention latest milestones of your product 🚀🚀

Samir Rashed
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Share your achievements 👏🙌


Samir Rashed
About me with @momen_elshamy and all Premast team. We launched last week the Google Slides version of Premast Plus. Check it 👇👇👇 🚀 last version What about you?
Roberto Robles
Last week I passed 400 subscribers on my SEO newsletter @ I'm pretty happy about that 🥳
Samir Rashed
@roberto_robles Wow, sounds great 🤩 Congrats 👏
Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
@roberto_robles That's awesome! I recently passed 100 and got really excited 😂 i can only imagine how ill feel at 400! congrats!
Roberto Robles
@britt_joiner Congrats!! 100 is a great milestone 🎉
Maxwell Davis
Only a small one but we did a logo reveal for our as yet unannounced Twitch Product:
Samir Rashed
@maxwellcdavis that's amazing, keep it up 💪🙌
Ash Menon
@maxwellcdavis logo updates are important! :D
Nishtha Rohatgi
Today, we launched our product hunt campaign! Feedback would really help us.
Ivan Ralic
An important guy from our target market said: "It doesn't seem right not to pay you for this.." 🤩 Check us out 😄
Samir Rashed
@ralic that's nice 😁, good luck 👏
Samir Rashed
@ralic you are welcome 🙏
Ash Menon
@ralic that's the best kind of market validation one can hope for. Congrats Ivan!
Ivan Ralic
@ashvinmenon it sure is man and it felt great. It actually cough us off guard 😄
Dima Panchuk
100+ engineers & 10+ companies joined web3 hiring marketplace after launching on PH last Thursday. We're a trending product in Web3 and Career categories. Happy for the team to achieve it!
Dapeng Ni
We're ready to have an internal demo!!
Justin George
After a lot of contemplation, launched beta for
Samir Rashed
@georgejustin22 That's awesome, congrats 🤩
Martina Hackbartt
Hi, Samir! - A few weeks ago we reached 1000 users on our platform - We just created our ship page and are hoping to launch here soon!
Samir Rashed
@martina_hackbartt sounds great, keep it up 💪 and, let me know once you launch happy to support
Martina Hackbartt
@samir_soliman Thanks a lot, Samir! And I'll most certainly do so :)
Leon M
Launched! A quick page to link your in-game names
Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
I launched the first version of my Trello automation course! It's not entirely finished, but I feel like I'll never launch if i wait til it's everything I want in there 😊 Users can get a discount on it now with the content available, but I'm going to increase price as I add more content and videos. But it's good to have something out there! (No sales yet 😭 but i need to work on marketing.)
Samir Rashed
@britt_joiner Sounds great, keep it up 🤩 I hope you get your sales soon
Eva Maganja
We have successfully launched Beta and started inviting people in from our Waitlist!🥳
Ash Menon
Released an update for TileJack today that added various design improvements and bugfixes, but most importantly, I revamped the Leaderboard to make it shinier. You also now get a nice shiny medal 🥇🥈🥉 beside your entry if you're in the top 3! 😉
Julien Delange
I am building Codiga and we improved significantly our VS Code integration/product to help developers find and share code snippets quickly! We are getting closer to a proper launch!
Misha Krunic
For - we've very recently implemented a Recommendations functionality in the app. We're still working on improving it, but the essence of it is there and it makes it so much easier to work when you have a solid foundation!
Samir Rashed
@price2spy Sounds great, keep it up 💪
Amey Sadar
The DAU increased by 20%.
We launched the ConversionSpree Email Verifier that is set to outcompete Neverbounce, Zerobounce, and Debounce in terms of pricing without compromising quality -
Piotr Bartoszek
🥳 We crossed 300 followers on Twitter: We post about new startups and side projects so if you are interested in similar topics - join us!
Moritz Kaiser
The front-end is ready, we got a first view and we are very excited. It looks really good. We also got an e-book ready that we'll publish soon to help our audience with it's challenges regarding online communities.
Brian Nutt
We finalized and are publishing supporting API documentation with final polishing touches this evening! That readies us to finally set a launch date for our launch. This first launch started as a feature of a bigger dev effort but we think it can stand on it's own so we are going to release it for free. If you have interest, you can visit our Upcoming Product page here