It's Monday again!!

Mahak from Outgrow
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How do you keep yourself motivated for Monday after having a chilled-out Sunday? For me starting a week is tough somehow.


Reading the news + looking for the stats of my website + looking sur new topics on PH. Then I can start :)
@denis_shatalin I create icon, illu, website everyday. I can make them more valuable by sharing/selling them. Also, I can help people make better design with few tips. That's it :)
I usually tackle the thing on my to-do list that is the most fun to do - it just gets me into working...
Mahak from Outgrow
@maxwellcdavis I do the same too. Getting started from priority tasks and pending ones too is great way to get in week work flow.
Misha Krunic
For me, the beginnings of the week are when I'm the most energetic. It's towards the end of the week when it gets tough!
Margarita Shvetsova
@price2spy I can relate to that... the weekend gives a chance to wind down a bit and start a new week being recharged. But this weekend was different for me as I was preparing for the launch like crazy 😁 launched today! 💪
Daniel Po
* I try getting enough sleep the night before * get myself enough time to get ready for work so I don't wake up really stressed out * Take my time getting ready in the morning * Turn on some fun music to either chill or get me energised for the day So it's all pretty trivial but these things actually help me! :-)
Wojtek Krzciński
I also find it difficult sometimes and today I slept a bit too long. But I work with my co-founder at his home so when I leave my house I always wake up thanks to the cold weather 🥶 Also because we're launching beta version of Raport ( this week, I'm quite hyped :)
Wojtek Krzciński
@denis_shatalin We are currently just gathering subscribers for our waiting list. And this week we are opening the beta version for the public.
Sarah Jordi
My Monday mornings are also tough... 😕 But I found that a few little things make it easier sometimes: - Thinking about my goals/to do's on Sunday already - Getting a full 8h of sleep - Taking some time in the morning for relaxed coffee and waking up / getting ready routine - Trying to keep Monday morning meeting free, so I can "arrive" in my week being productive Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't 😅
Margarita Shvetsova
@sarahxjo absolutely, good sleep is essential on any day of week 😉 I also try to keep my Monday mornings quiet to make the transition from the relaxed weekend mood to the active working mood softer. This Monday was super active and productive because of our launch! 😃
Andrii Kpyto
Starting Monday on PH, it's like a motivation :) When you see the temp of new products released, it's worry :D
Eivind Håverstad
I great Monday starts before the kids wake up... with a small exercise before starting the day. That said, perfect isn't always easy 🙈😉
Helga R
I plan to do something enjoyable in the morning - have some tasty yummy food for instance so that it upbeats me :))
Saurabh Chandarana
Monday blues are real for sure! I start with a large cup of coffee and then get motivated by looking at some my product stats. If they aren't as good, look at other product news that have been an inspirations in my journey. In short, anything that motivates to boost my energy. 🙂
Alina Ihnatiuk
I am very lazy on Monday ... I am distracted a lot from work and my working day is endless
Ira GI
my motivation for every day is my goals for life
Olivia Bridges
Take good sleep on Sunday, and feel fresh to work on Monday .
Margarita Shvetsova
Haha no chilled-out Sunday for me! Spent all weekend preparing for the launch, launched today in the morning, worked 12 hours straight... and we are in the top 5 products now! 💪 curious about what it will be like when I wake up tomorrow 😉
Derek Duban
My motivation comes from desperately wanting to get this thing thing done and online, at least as an MVP. Maybe tonight even.
Farhan Kabir
Monday is quite a FUN Day actually for me.. An opportunity to kick off the week with a great start!!
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Mahak from Outgrow
@justin_smith12 I don't know if it's related to passion or not but maybe to keep going for same 9-5 work is what makes some of us feel like this but then we all have to get motivated on our own to work forward.
Shushanik Shahbazyan
I love Mondays and I'm always motivated because a mom of two little children never can chill- out on weekends.