It's Friday, tell us how the week was for you along with one emoji to describe how you are feeling?

Arun Pariyar
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Take this is as a little retrospective to wrap your week and get ready for the weekend ✌️


It was a good constructive week! Looking forward to launching Casa ( soon! ✌️
🕜​​😴​😪​⏰​😪🕡​☀️​🎢 - 🏃​😓😵‍💫👨‍💻📉​🏃😓😵🔫​👨‍💻🏃​😰🤯👨‍💻​​📆​​​🍻​🥳​🏃👨‍💻📈​🔫​🍻​​😎​👨‍💻📈🍾​🚅​✈️​
Arun Pariyar
Hi @fares_aktouf, I was ideally asking for one emoji only but looks like you have plenty going on at his moment 😄
Renly Borris
It is impossible to describe it in only one emoji. 🙄 It was a mix-up of many different things.
Ryan Gilbert
🐶 It went quick and was filled with tons of puppy training!
Luka Vasic
This week was actually only work and gym haha. I'm used to hanging out with friends so this week was 😥
jakub rudnik
Great week. Scribe successfully launched pages ( We've cracked some user acquisition codes. Good content marketing growth. 🥳​
Abraham Samma
Developing ✔ Writing research paper as with an international team as first author ✔ Verdict: 🔥🔥🔥
Maksym Astakhov
Actually, it is 3 separate, but all together they should be taken as one big emoji. Only in that way it will make sense. 👨‍🎤🎶👩‍🎤