Is your work your passion, your love, or your survival?

Priyanka Saini
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Aakash Kikani
From my perspective, there's no one-track answer to this. Passion generally takes the lead, but there are times when financial considerations take precedence for survival. As long as the situation doesn't become monotonous and mundane, it's perfectly acceptable.
Lamont Justin
Its my passion ❤
David Nelson
I take it as my passion for my survival 😁
Passion as well here. Survival comes next!
Henry Habib
It's a mix of all. You have to love what you do to stay motivated and keep your passion alive by working at it. But, let's be real, sometimes it's just about paying the bills.
Louis Potter
I hope to achieve my dreams through my work and attain financial freedom in the process, haha.
Benith Harbor
I want to support my family that's why I am doing job
Business Marketing with Nika
Work on some projects is a passion while working on my projects is everything you mentioned, you love, you want to do it but sometimes it hurts and you try to survive :D
Kehui Guo
A combination of passion and survival. For me, a dream job has three parts -- good money, good people, and good work:)
Pari Pushpakar
My work is a blend of passion and love, driven by a deep enthusiasm for helping others and making information accessible and it goes beyond mere survival; it's about contributing meaningfully and continuously learning.
Launching soon!
Work is just to make a living, but this is where my real passion lies,because I'm so happy right now!
Shiva Tejasvi
As a content creator, my work is a blend of passion, love, and a bit of survival. Creating content allows me to express my creativity and share my ideas, which I'm deeply passionate about. I love connecting with my audience, learning from them, and seeing the impact my work can have. However, there's also a practical side to it. Creating content helps sustain my livelihood, ensuring I can continue doing what I love. Balancing these elements makes the journey both rewarding and sustainable.
Gurkaran Singh
My work is like a delicious tech cocktail - a mix of passion for coding, a dash of love for problem-solving, and a generous splash of survival to pay the bills! How about you - is your work more like a thrilling tech rollercoaster or a tranquil coding pond?