Is this product useful for you?

Tony Yan
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Hi, All, Excel is an excellent tool for processing data. But if the data size is large, it will be very slow. And if we need to do some complex data processing work, we need to understand vb script. We are working to build a tool to solve the issues with the following features: 1, It has spreadsheet-based UI. 2, Can process data with millions of rows interactively. 3, You can clean and transform data without knowing complex VB script and Excel functions. 4, Can connect to Google sheet, Airtable, Database and Datawarehouse data. 5, All your data processing process will logged as steps automatically and can translate to SQL. 6, Can share with others. Is this product useful for data workers? Tony


Nabeel Amir
I believe it would be extremely helpful for data engineers or analysts or even for a lot of marketing personnel.
Tony Yan
@nabeel_amir Thanks for your anwer. I will work with my team to make it available on PH soon.