Is there point optimizing SEO right at the start of your startup? Considering less content etc.

Oliver Kraftman
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With so little content and such a low ranking, what's the point of optimising SEO until you're at a certain level of content, backlinks etc? Or am I missing something?


Fabian Maume
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Investing in SEO will pay of on the long run. After when you are starting you want to focus your content effort on the bottom of the funnel: tutorial about your product & case studies. This type of content will never rank so you can just focus on shipping it quickly. It also make sense to invest in content distribution: - Use Missinglettr V3 to distribute your content on social media. - Use QApop to distribute your content on Quora. Content distribution will give you pay off faster as you do not need domain authority for it to work. I would say in early stage do not spend more than 20% of your time on SEO content.
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@fabian_maume Hi Fabian πŸ‘‹πŸΎ Thanks for sharing the above. Quick question though - What content (for SEO purposes) would you reccomend for the middle and top of the funnel?
Fabian Maume
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@janinah It will depend of your keyword research. Basically : Button of funnel content is for people who already signed up, and that you are trying to activate. You need content like tutorial and why they should pay for premium features. One level higher is for people considering to signup. Content here is to explain how your tool is providing value to convince people to give it a try. One level high is for people unaware of the problem your solve. Content here is to make them realise they might need some help. Content like audit template work well here. One level high is just to reach more people. This is purely based on keyword research: write about topics related to your business that your prospect are looking for and for which you can rank.
Ruben Wolff
It is never too early to work on your SEO. AS long as you have one piece of content to boost, try to make it rank. Of course the more (quality) content you have, the better
SEO is a long term project. i recently started my project i posted 30 to 40 articles also doing off page now its growing. just updating your content with schedule gives good ranking to your project. you are going well. Check my this project. all seo on this project is doing by me.
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