Is there any CheatSheet for Reddit marketing?

zaved sadek
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Michal Mazurek
I collected advice from marketers and a few examples here: - I hope it's helpful
Luka Vasic
@michal_m thanks for the article. Will try to implement some of these
Nicole Ogloza
@howitzer just launched a product yesterday and was the #1 app. you should check that out. IT'S INSANE @nikola_v tell em!!!! AHHH!!!
Nikola Velkovski
If you are interested in doing direct outreach on Reddit, we have created, to enable you to do this at larger scale. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. Also, you can reach out to @brianswichkow regarding Reddit Marketing. He's been doing it since 2014 - the guy that can help you in establishing a good strategy and getting the most out of Reddit. PS: He was also featured in Forbes, as the first Reddit Marketing Expert
Brian Swichkow
@nikola_v thanks for tagging me! Not a cheat sheet, but the first few slide of this deck will help frame your explorations.