Is there an Airtable/Google Sheets alternative that supports complex SQL queries?

Matt Switzer
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I am looking for an Airtable/Google Sheets alternative that supports: - Importing Data via API - Running Complex SQL Queries - Spreadsheet-like Formatting/Formulas Airtable/Google get close but neither natively support more complex multi-table SQL queries. Any recommendations?


Shaun O'Toole
Haven't tried it myself, but heard people like ActionDesk. Looks like it lets you write any SQL queries you want.
Michael Kosorukov
If you're looking for a front-end for APIs and SQL DBs, you can try Jet Admin: You will not get in-line editing capability though, but if you're ok with drilling down into records, that might be a fit. P.s I'm affiliated with Jet
Lea Lim
Hi there, I have been building a platform called Outcode (we will be launching later this month!). We support MySQL, MongoDB, Postgre, as well as Airtable and Google Sheets on product. We also have a powerful API feature that you could benefit from! Sharing a link right here for you: