Is Swag Still Important? PS: Drop merch links here! 🙌

Connor Jewiss
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Swag used to be one of the biggest hallmarks of a startup, but doesn't seem to be quite as big. What does everyone think of swag now? Is it important, or not so much? Either way, I love swag and need some hoodies and want to support teams. Drop you merch stores links here for everyone to see!


Maxwell Davis
I know @k_j1 has just got her swag recently - and by the way I don't think it has to be to give away I think it can just be for you to present your brand
@maxwellcdavis thanks Max! Yes, I recently got a t-shirt made with Resumey.Pro logo on it for me to wear during video calls :) The idea is to use SWAG myself first and then see who else may want it / like to have it.
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
I can't say no to a nice t-shirt or a sticker. It really depends on the merch :) IF you give me sticker with your logo - it's useless, it must be something that will make me use it.
José Cruz
Good swag is nice. Decent quality polos are always a hit. But $1 sunglasses or coasters or other stuff like that literally just becomes trash. Mugs are harder for our sales team to transport. That type of stuff is available at an endless number of sources. Pick one. Sartomy worked well for us.