Is Sexify a Quality Entrepreneurship Series?

Ugur KILCI 😈
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I watched the series and I know that it is entrepreneurial oriented. They're making applications or something. But I'm not sure if it's a quality entrepreneurial series. I'm asking this because I have a startup where I'm listing quality entrepreneurial series. ( Do you think this series is enough to share on Girişimzel? I have a standard there and I don't share things that aren't good enough. Everything I share is valuable. Does Sexify deserve this? Watch:


Qudsia Ali
I have not watched this series, but I would like to know where it stands in the race of Quality Entrepreneurship Series. And based on that, I will decide if I should invest my time in it or not. Thank you so much for sharing. I have checked your Girişimzel series list, and it is good.
Ugur KILCI 😈
@qudsia_ali Firstly, thank you. :) I don't know how good quality it is either. I can not be sure. After watching it, can you tell me if you like it or not? I can post accordingly. Sure, if you want to watch. :))