Is reading/writing skill really that important?

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Up until now, i write for the purpose of review what i have read, especially from the book (getting real book is my favorite). it's now like a habit for me. i even create my own writing app for this obsession ( ~ shortcut based, distraction free writing app) but now, in the late Q4 of 2021, i start to question, will this habit of reading/writing will even have any benefit or it just mean i read/write a lot from book?


Misha Krunic
I guess it doesn't apply in literally every possible case, but yes, I do think it's important. In short, what I mean by reading skills is that you're able to understand what you've read. And by writing skills, I mean that you're able to communicate your opinions and ideas clearly and in an engaging way. I think that if you're a maker these skills will help you develop a genuine way of communicating with your audience and also find an audience in the first place.
ahmed ahmed
Here on the site, someone asks Is reading/writing skill really that important, so what you think about it now? I am in need of finance dissertation help as that was what we all will be able to go for. Do you think this would make any difference and people will learn?
Tulo Yang
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Michael Bones
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I think that such skills are the basis for a person who does this. For example, all of us students develop them when we write essays on a given topic. And given that now use programs like to check for originality take ready-made will not work. And in life, they will be useful only in that circle of communication where others also read / write a lot of something