Is Product Hunt a good place for Salesforce add-ons?

Mounir Nejjai
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Hey there, I'm Mounir, CEO and founder of Cezium. We build apps on top of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For now, we just extend the platform with new capabilities such as coupon codes management, event management... As a "niche" market, I wondered if there would be any interest for these type of products on PH?


Vedran Rasic
Every place is a good place for SFDC add-ons :) There are so many people on SFDC and PH has 4M hits a month. So for sure! Go for it.
Maxwell Davis
Not seen many on here- but no reason why it wouldn't be successful
Amanda Trincher
Good idea, I think that new and useful additions will always be useful if they help to automate or add some new features. I'm currently taking this training on one of the Salesforce products so I'll be interested
Clifford Anderson
With Salesforce idea management add-on you empower sales and support teams to search your ideas portal right from Salesforce so they can quickly capture and link ideas to customer opportunities. Information about the opportunity is summarized on the record in Aha! Ideas — where the product team can get pertinent information such as who requested it, the value, probability, and expected close date.