Is no-code the inevitable future? or just a trend?

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Is no-code an eloquent natural evolution of coding? Or a gimmick, something separate from developing? Or maybe it's simply too early to say. What do you think?


Sandra Djajic
I think that our progression towards no-code will continue to increase but the relevance of code will never fully be removed.
Coding forces a human to bend to the will of a machine. It should be the other way around. No-code is all about empowering people who have ideas. It’s here to stay, and there’s ample room for no-code tools to grow and evolve. Truth be told, no-code has actually been around for quite some time in the form of various visual programming languages. That said, coding isn’t going away. After all, someone’s got to build the no-code tools. 😏
Dalibor Houfek
There is a need for more and more developers or better productivity. no-code and specially low-code is the way how to be more productive and lower barrier for new developers. But you have to carefully pick the right platform your your use case.
Avi Hercenberg
From working in the space running and now working on I think it's the future for every company!
Matthew Busel
Both! The fact that every other SaaS company feels the need to call themselves "no-code" is a trend. A "no-code way to manage your contacts" isn't no-code, it's a CRM. Actual no-code is the inevitable future. This doesn't mean programming goes out the door. There will always be the need for developers to write custom code. But for a large percentage of use cases, it just doesn't make sense not to use a no-code tool. If you're building a landing page for a startup today, it's rational to use Webflow or Carrd or Typedream instead of coding it yourself. It's similar to how developers today don't insist on using low-level programming languages for every project.