Is it called a launch if you still haven't enabled payment?

Mohsen Kamrani
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So, we are a bootstrapped startup that helps you build, deploy and host your applications on our platform or on your own cloud provider without any DevOps experience. We call the first services "Fully managed", and the latter, "Managed". We currently support plenty of application types, languages and frameworks, but still haven't enabled the payment. So, at this point is it called a launch if we tell the public that we're open for business or does is it a launch after we add the payment module?


Shravan Shandilya
I dont think you should worry about accepting payments already. Use that time to find more users, talk to them and understand their pains. Once there is someone who is willing to try out your product, you'll figure out payments. So, you can launch without the payment module as well. Initially, its very rare that you are bombarded with lot of customers who want to pay you for something. PS: I have not enabled payments on my product as well yet 😂