Is EdTech dying?

David T. Kim
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Politics and administration are far more difficult to change than technology and culture. That's why some have been saying that EdTech has faced a dead end. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to change the way schools and districts operate. While talking to potential investors and countless users, I have realized that my startup was growing in the LearnTech space rather than being a "unique EdTech" product. Some investors understood our product's direction and mission better after hearing that it's geared towards the receiving end of learning. To simplify, EdTech is mainly focused on teachers and schools. LearnTech is more focused on students. If such definitions are true, do you think EdTech still has a bright future?


There is a lot of politics in EdTech (and a lack of funding). I think any change in schools will come from the bottom, and slowly break the whole system. What do you mean with students? How old are they? For me that's important to know. For younger kids any LearnTech decision will be made by adults (parents, schools/teacher, or club leaders).
David T. Kim
@katerinabohlec Thanks for the comment Katerina. We currently have around 1600 beta testers that are all students from grade 11/12 to college, and some in their 30s. No parental oversight was ever requested as they were old enough to know what methods worked for them. Many of them had been learning on community forums already on their own.
Himanshu Sharma
In India, EdTech is the hottest sector right now. Most of them are selling recorded lectures using animations. Even Disney has partnered with Byju's to produce content for kids aged 5-10 using Disney characters. Although I feel that EdTech needs to move ahead and try to leverage technology to tailor the course according to the student rather than a one size fits all approach they have currently.
David T. Kim
@heman_shu Good point. I think "courses" have their own limit in terms of effectiveness. Social interactions are crucial in learning based on all measures, and we are trying to solve that problem right now.
Kate Wallitone
Well, it's true that not all EdTech ventures succeed, that is the case with any industry. Some products or platforms may face challenges in adoption or sustainability. However, it's important to remember that the EdTech landscape is vast and continuously evolving. Countless startups, established companies, and educational institutions are investing in and embracing EdTech to enhance teaching and learning experiences. I will also read article to know how to make environmental essay presuasive to spread good information about any topic like this.