Is being Product led as a startup enough?

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Should startup's be just product led or marketing should always play an important role too?


Paul VanZandt
Any successful team will be product-led - to a certain point. Some markets succeed with an inbound flow (product-led) while others need more external outreach to find interested users. I think it really depends on the target market and how they usually interact with users.
Tim Fern
@paul_vanzandt Kambeo is definitely product led but we get so much valuable perspective from customers. It really is a balance to strike when bringing something to the market.
Qudsia Ali
Considering the huge role that marketing plays in business development and customer acquisition, it would be foolish for any start up founder to disregard the importance of marketing. For some companies, such as those focused on B2B sales will have little need for marketing. But those that service the average consumers will likely always need to use the right form of marketing to get their message out to potential customers effectively.