Is anyone working in the decentralised social media space, and if so what are you working on?

Rich Taylor
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This is an area I would like to look into in more depth as to the possibilities. I recently had my Twitter account suspended due to it being hacked and am having a hard time getting it back. I know I’m not alone in this, and not just for something as trivial as my situation. Thousands of people’s livelihoods sit on platforms owned by companies that have the power to do what they want with, whenever they want. 1. Do you have experience with decentralised social media? 2. Do you have experience with integration with current social media platforms? 3. Are you building anything cool?!


Yuri Lisin
Hey Rich, I feel your pain losing Twitter account, I faced the same reality couple of weeks ago. From time to time I hear somebody's building a decentralized alternative to Twitter, but so far nothing specific I can remember. 1. Nope 2. Nope 3. We're building our own community-driven environment for product creators and web3 enthusiasts, so at least we don't lose each other in case social media moderators are in bad mood:)
Sergio Zaciu
we're building a social media platform and are looking into it being a DAO. All the talk around decentralization and Web3 really excites us as a team but it's also hard to miss the forest for the trees when talking to more accomplished founders in this field because it often feels like folks are using the buzzwords without really having a clear application for it. I recently met someone who raise multiple millions for a decentralized social platform and was surprised at how little they had really done in terms of putting the ideology to practice.
@szaciu I have a MVP 95% ready and just started to educate myself on how to raise funds.. It always amazes me how people raise that much with nothing to show for it...
Sergio Zaciu
@vincent_meco if the past year has taught me anything, it's that 99% of founders who raise millions of dollars for their startups without anything to show for it usually have have a previous exit or a fellow co-founder with a previous exit. Nothing calms a VC more than knowing that you've successfully executed at least once in the past.
@szaciu yeah part of the reason, in the big pix, i'm going to give more ownership to people help create it (kind of a DAO) rather than the bankers... but bankers are needed as well...
Nicole Ogloza
yes, check this out We are basically shooting a arrow through social and news media's heart. LOL! I have systems engineering background in gov, education and communication systems, and know where the cortex of all the misinformation and lies come from ...happy to chat more on linkedin!
You seem to be on my wave length... all your questions relate to me..!! I am building MeCo; Mind your own Business..!! for [one of] the exact reasons you mentioned; the silo'd 'masters'; MeCo is giving the power back to the users. I am building a tool for tool builders and tool users. In the 4 yrs since i dove into the vortex of blockchain, I see that many of the tool builders, understand the problem they are trying to solve, but do not have a use case. The tech users of today, do not know why they need W3 and how it will help them... I'm building the Panama Canal..!!