Irete Hamdani
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Does anyone here have interns working on their product? Pros/Cons? are they paid/unpaid?


Daniel Henry
Our company offers paid internships. After sufficient training, they are assigned to work on live projects.
Amelia Charlie
Yes, I'm learning it as an unpaid intern😅 but I think it'll help me to learn and explore new things ✌️
Amelia Charlie
@renly_borris Yes, it is a bit difficult to manage, but I believe if you want to learn something new and enhance your skills and proficiency to do something, then it's okay :)
Irete Hamdani
@amelia_charlie Are you working towards being a paid employee?
Sandra Djajic
We have interns working for us and they're paid. I'm completely against unpaid internships, although, some interns have requested not to be paid as it's part of their studies and they get money from internship grants.
Qudsia Ali
Employing interns has various advantages: They contribute original ideas, spread the word about your company to their peers, boost productivity, and frequently develop into the best full-time recruits down the road. Happy interns are eager to show up for work, contribute to the team, and give their all. And you can make it by paying them for what they deserve.