Ikea has re-defined ecommerce SEO - Here's how:

Jaume Ros
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How in the world do you know what someone wants when they search the keyword "couch"? - Is this person looking for the best way to buy a couch? - Do they even know which type of couch they want? - Do they merely want to browse and look at prices? The actual user intent behind generic keywords like "couch" is very hard to know which is why we need to build category pages thinking about all possible types of intent - and IKEA does that to perfection. I made a full video on this:
If you're in the Ecommerce space - how much SEO effort are you putting into your category pages??


Atul Ghorpade
Watched it. Learned something new. Thanks.
Thoughts. I seriously doubt ahrefs has an accurate page-by-page breakdown of IKEA traffic. The rest of what you're describing is Google rankbrain. Thanks.
Jaume Ros
@dara_burke1 Hey Dara, Thanks for watching. Unfortunately Ahrefs doesn't have exact traffic metrics - (that'd be awesome though) Here's how they calculate the traffic estimates: https://help.ahrefs.com/en/artic... On another note, Google has never outlined how RankBrain functions specifically. It is true that it helps google better understand the likely user intent of a search query. Here's a complete guide on rankbrain - Hope it helps: https://www.searchenginejournal....
David batista
@dara_burke1 @jaume_ros2 some time Ahref doesn't show actual search volume of keyword. which tool I have to use for it