If you could give just one piece of advice to someone looking to launch, what would it be?

Laura Linham
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You're in an elevator with someone who tells you they're about to launch on Product Hunt. What's the one piece of advice you'd give them before you get off at your floor?


Srishty Chaudhary
For me, feedbacks are important. It tells that how your product can be better and what you can improve to make it best for others.
Laura Linham
@srishty_chaudhary what have you found to be the best way to collect the feedback? (edited, because auto correct hates me.)
Srishty Chaudhary
@laural For me talking with the customers directly or analysing the behavior if your online community works best.
Nail your video (1st asset that shows)
Ben Bohbot
Start by discussing the importance of the project with all employees and then manage all tasks in some project management tool.